Care for all Trust

A national non-governmental organization
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Brief Introduction

Care for All Trust (CFAT) is a non profitable organization registered in Delhi INDIA with a well planned vision to uplift the socially and economically backward communities of India. The trust was set up in Feb 2005 by Imran Siddiqui and the team for the purpose of providing sustainable human development through social and educational activities in the country. The trust works in diversified field but with primary focus on education, medication and social remedies to ensure basic human rights. The trust works to connect unprivileged section of minorities and other communities with the main stream of India by providing quality education.
CFAT is providing coaching to 11th and 12th class students. These two years are very critical for any student to get a better career latter on. By providing quality coaching and education, these students would feel motivated to understand the core concepts. This much understanding of subjects would eventually make them to pass Career builder entrance tests like IIT/PMT/NDA and others. These entrance exams require regressive studies, quality material and high coaching fees. High fees and quality material of coaching centers are further pushing down to our unprivileged citizens and hence gap between privileged and unprivileged is increasing day by day. This increasing gap cannot be considered good for a civilized society. This gap would delay vision of India to become world power.
CFAT is providing free coaching to students from underprivileged section of society. By providing free and quality coaching, CFAT is trying to eliminate or reduce the gap that presently exists in our society.
CFAT is providing coaching to students in rented building until it has its own first ICC Kairana building ready which is planned to be built by end of 2015. ICC is committed to provide coaching to backward underprivileged section of the community, which would in turn increase their presentation in Government and Non-Government Jobs. ICC is also committed to provide a platform to students from various educational backgrounds where Ideas can be exchanged and they can be encouraged to come and participate in growing India before it becomes too late.

The vision of ICC

CFAT will soon start planning to establish Indian Community Center (ICC) throughout India.

The vision of ICC is:

1.Provide quality coaching to the students of 11th and 12th class from unprivileged sections.
2.Help them to increase their presentation in Jobs and professional careers.
3.Build a medical center for poor and needy with the help of participating doctors and helping
to implementing government health scheme.
4.Give them a sense that they are helping India growing faster.
5.Help students to avail and get benefit from the government schemes.

Aim and Objectives of the trust

1.To provide free and quality coaching to students from the poor and weaker section of society.
2.To promote educational empowerment and ethical values to the weak and downtrodden section of
3.To reach and help people stuck in aftermath of any natural calamity.
4.To help the poor people in case of medical Or living emergency (case by case).
5.To organize camps for free health checkup and aware the people about incurable and communicable
disease like AIDS, HEPATITIS etc
6.To vaccinate people either free or at very nominal cost for certain diseases under the consultant
of seniors doctors
7.To identify and honor and award the reputed journalists, economist, doctors, engineers, politician,
social reformers, advocate etc for their contribution to society