Care for all Trust

A national non-governmental organization
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1. The corpus of the Trust donated by the Trustees and local contributions at present is Rs 11,00/- (Rs. Eleven hundred only).
2. Annual contributions received from affiliated association and organizations if any.
3. Subscriptions and donations can be collected from state and central government and other social organizations or corporate bodies in India and abroad.
4. All incomes, rents, service charges, fees, donations and other funds and monies collected from public and all institutions under the control and management of the Trust.
5. Movable and immovable properties acquired by the Trust.
6. All Trust fund, properties right claims and demands of every description belonging to or pertaining to the Trust now or hereafter that will be acquired from time to time and shall vest in the Trust.
7. The Trust and the Trust funds will be irrevocable for all times.
8. The Settler Trustees declares that the said funds and all further funds, donations, contributions and income from investment etc. received in any shape of form to the said funds, shall be held upon Trust for the objects and purposes and will be subject to the powers and provisions hereinafter mentioned.
9. All money forming part of the Trust fund and requiring investment shall be invested and in the name of the Trust for the time being in any of the forms and modes authorized by law for investment of Trust funds or in deposits with schedule bank or banks in India and to the Trust shall at its discretion sell and / or realize the same or any party thereof.


1. The Board of Trustees, by a resolution, attended in person by 2/3rd of the total members as a special Meeting of the Board of Trustees may change, amend, modify, delete or alter this deed of Trust including aims and objectives.
2. However, such changes or alternations amendments, deletion etc. should not alter in any way the nature or character of the Trust and that neither the founder nor the Trustees shall have any power to revoke the objectives of this Trust at any time.
3. The purposed amendment, deletions, modifications or alteration or changes in the deeds of Trust shall be communicated to the Trustees among with notice of the Meeting of the Board of Trustees.convented for the said purpose.

DISSOLUTION OF THE TRUST: If the trustees at any time unanimiously decide that it is expedient to discontinue the Trust, any asset remaining after the satisfaction of all the dates and liabilities shall be paid to or distributed among the Trustees but shall be given to such other charitable institution or institutions having similar objects to theTrust.

BANK ACCOUNTS: To open bank account or accounts with one or more banks in the name of the Trust , bank accounts shall be operated by joint signature of Chairman and Treasurer and to determine its or their mode of operations.

ACCOUNTS AND AUDIT: The executive Committee of Trust shal keep all registered office of the Trust or at such other place in the state as the Executive Committee may think fit, proper books of accounts with respect to:-

1. All sums of money received and expenses by the Trust and the matters in respect of which the receipts and expenditure takes place.

2. All sales purchases of good by the Trust and the assets and liabilities of the Trust.

3. The accounts of the Trust shall be audited annually by the person under section 226 of the Companies Act 1956 can act as an auditor.

4. The accounting year of the Trust shall be from 1st April to 31st March of each financial year.