Care for all Trust

A national non-governmental organization
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Executive Governance Body


Imran Ahmad Siddiqui – Chairman
Imran Siddiqui was born in Kairana and completed his primary education in Kairana. He left Kairana for higher schooling at very early age and joined JNV Baghra in 1993 in grade 6. He completed high school from JNV Baghra and senior secondary school from St Mary’s Academy Saharanpur. Imran managed to earn enough to meet his educational expenses and started to support his family during his engineering days by providing math coaching. Imran completed his B.Tech degree in electronics and Communication from UP technical University.
Imran observed the educational gap of unprivileged sections of society from mainstream of India and working in a direction to mitigate the gap. He thinks that bridging the educational gap can mitigate all other social and economic gaps and India can be a better country. Imran initiated a program “Talent recognition, appreciation and counseling program to promote education among unprivileged community of India so as they also have equal right of education and opportunities. He believes that as an Individual, I can do very little but as a team we can do a lot so working as a team is key of success.
He started his profession career in 2005 by joining Infosys Technology Solution. He is currently working as a business consultant for a pharmacy company based on Rhode Island USA.


Mansoor Syed – Vice Chairman
Dr. Mansoor Ali is a Research Scientist of Medicine at the Yale University, New Haven CT. He received his PhD from University of Rajasthan and earned his Postdoc in University of Illinois at Chicago. Having spent the several years working in the social care field, during which he provided counseling, support, and education to needy individuals and their families. His interests focus on improving the quality-of-education and quality-of-life of unprivileged societies in India.
He believes the KEY to getting backward communities of India out of the cycle of discrimination and poverty is EDUCATION. Poor Indian youth, especially in less urban (or rural) areas, need to remain motivated and relentless in their studies so they can succeed and get out of the cycle that they and their families have been stuck in. Organizations such CFAT makes it their mission to help the poor in their homeland.


Azmathullah Ruhullah- Chief Mentor
Azmathullah Ruhullah was born in the month of Shawwal in 1976 [1396 hijri] in Chennai – India. He completed his schooling from St.Bede’s Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School. Completed graduation in BCS from Madras University. Completed MBA in 2004 [Master’s in Business Administration] with specialization in Marketing & Hospital Management.
Azmath has been actively working in social service organizations from college days like Leo / Lions Club as President & Region Chairman. This provided great opportunity to be a part of Polio Drive & organizing Blood Donation camps through out Chennai under saving humanity effort. Rotract is another international organization dedicated to serve humanity that Azmath was part off. Has been accredited as the best Leo of the District for consistent dedicated social service work.
Azmath is currently based out of Charlotte – North Carolina.W orking as an Information Technology Project Manager. Associated with community activities.


Zul Maariz- Chief Operation Officer
Mohammad Zul Maarij, born on Oct 15, 1983. Basically from Saharanpur.
Pass out from IIT Roorkee in 2005 in electronics and communication. Completed schooling from Islamia Inter College Saharanpur.
I would like to spread moral education in the Indian society so that we become symbol of morality in the world. I believe power, money and hear after only comes with right morality . And without it we can not achieve anything doesn’t matter how educated are we. We also need to focus to preserve our literature a gift from our ancestors.


Fareed Siddiqui – Lawyer
Fareed Siddiqui completed his graduation in humanity and then completed his law degree LLB from Maharaj Singh College Sahranpur. He is practicing his lawyer profession in Saharanpur since last 25 years. He has worked as key member of Sahranpur WAQF board and active volunteer to ensure proper functioning of the body. He handles both criminal and civil cases. He was ADGC crime (government lawyer) based in Deoband Saharanpur from 2011 to 2013. He is actively involved in social services and played critical role to save poor people money in Alfala bank scam. He is currently Vice President of the management committee of Islamia girls inter college Sahranpur. He has fought many criminal cases free of cost of the poor people and helped them to get justice.