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Computer Training Centers

January 7, 2016

Computer Technology is increasingly making new applications. Earlier computers were mainly used for data processing. Most of the companies and organizations had many applications like pay roll, inventory control, account payable etc. But today this scenario is gradually changing. Many of the services that we make use of in our daily life is associated with computer applications. Thus computer applications give ample scope for rural and sub-urban unemployed youth to create employment opportunities. The youth is the back bone of the society since today’s youth are tomorrow’s citizens, Therefore if the unemployed youth are trained and made employable certainly they will become good and balanced citizens of the country and the society or else they may become the victims of any addiction and become burden to the society and the country.

Sponsor a student with $50 for computer / Financial package Training!

CFAT has aimed at empowering the unemployed youth (both girls &boys) in rural and sub-urban areas around the globe by establishing computer training centers. The computereducation program is an integrated approach to train in the job oriented computer course especially for unemployed/college drop outs both boys and girls also men and women. The unemployed youth will be trained rigorously for 6 months in the following job oriented courses: MS Office& DTP,Graphics Design and Animation, Web Designing

Objectives of the computer training program!

  • To empower unemployed youth men and women.
  • Train the youth with soft skill so that the industry is readyto employ.
  • Make the unemployed men and women to face the challenges of corporate demands.
  • Prepare the youth for the 24 x 7 challenge in todays market demand.
  • To train the unemployed youth develop their english skills as per the market demand.
  • The unemployed boys/men and girls/women will become self reliant

Training on computerized accounting packages!

The advancements in information technology have eventually led to the introduction of Computerized Accounting Systems to help produce relevant and faithful representative financial reports for both management and external users for decision making. Computerized accounting tends to involve dedicated accounting software and digital spreadsheets to keep track of a business or client’s financial transactions. It is a beneficial use of current technological advances. Accounting Software is a class of computer programs that perform accounting operations. Accounting Software is an application software that records and processes accounting transactions within functional modules such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and trial balance. Thus, these software packages allow the whole accounting system to be run on a computer hence the name Computerized Accounting System. A computerized accounting system records accounting transactions using a computer and accounting software. It is one of the database-oriented applications wherein the transaction data is stored in well- organized database. The user operates on such database using the required interface and also takes the required reports by suitable transformations of stored data into information. Therefore, the fundamentals of computerized accounting include all the basic requirements of any database-oriented application in computers. It helps simplify, integrate, and streamline all the business processes, cost-effectively and easily and helps presents the true picture of all the business undertakings to users of financial reports. Due to the rapid change in technology, many small businesses prefer to track monetary transactions with computerized software than keep track of all financial activity manually through the use of a physical ledger. The student will be trained rigorously for 6 months in the following accounting packages:

QuickBooks, Tally, wings,Sage One, Financial Edge etc.

Please donate generously to help these underprivileged unemployed youth to get trained in job oriented courses so that they can easily get the jobs companies or organizations. You have the following options to sponsor with your Zakat or Sadaqah donations.

  • You can sponsor a computer training student with only $50 (IRs 6500)
  • You can sponsor a financial package training student with only $50 (IRs 6500)
  • You can sponsor a computers to add to the computer lab with each computer $600 (IRs 40000)

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