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Flood Effected Victims

January 7, 2016

The erratic weather conditions during monsoons and torrential rain causes cyclones, landslides, floods, flash floods ultimately results in damage to agricultural crops, damage to properties, loss of life, damage to structures, buildings, sewerage system, roadways, power stations and transportation system. The Floods can also occur in rivers when the flow rate exceeds the capacity of the river flow. Because of these heavy floods, it causes damage to drinking water supply system which results in water contamination that increases the risk of waterborne diseases such as typhoid, malaria, cryptosporidium, cholera,gastero, diarrhea and many other diseases depending upon the location of the flood.

As a human being our responsibility is to respond back immediately with relief efforts and help the victims of flood victims and provide humanitarian assistance to ease their sufferings. The floods stricken victims are left with nothing to rebuild their lives. The people in these areas suffer not only physical but also emotional distress as well. They have seen their families and neighbors, perhaps even heard them calling for help when they could do nothing. They are left with desperation, as they are expected to start over again with nothing in their hands.

Donate to Floods Relief fund! $50, $100, $250 or Higher

Disaster Relief is a way of reaching out to the victimized people in times of their difficulties. You can be a part of it by giving your best in whatever the way you can, help them and bring their life to normalcy. CFAT in collaboration with other NGOs take immediate measures to help such effected people and provide supportin the following areas:

  • Relief shelters
  • Meals
  • Medical camps
  • Drinking Water supply
  • Sanitizing the area
  • Distribution of clothes and blankets
  • Rebuilding of homes

CFAT as a charity organization will be first on the ground to help these victims with humanitarian aid supply. Please donate as much as you can to Flood`s Relief Fund online at our website. It will help us to release funds immediately whenever flood situation arises. You can make a donation of your zakat and sadaqah one time or monthly recurring through safe and secure PayUMoney system at our website.

Please click on DONATE NOW to ease the sufferings of the victims. Together we can make a difference.