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Scholarship Program

December 24, 2015

Most of the families in villages and slum area live below the poverty line and have very small income that they cannot afford to send their children to school. Many of the parents go to work in the morning and with the salary of the same day they buy food for dinner. They do not have any savings to pay school fees and mostly do not have time or the knowledge to teach their children themselves.

Donate Zakat/ Sadaqah for Scholarship with Just $30 per month

This Scholarship program in to extend support to such poor and needy Children. The goal of the Scholarship Program is to provide financial support to these very poor or orphan children for their basic and higher education. Rahbar Foundation believes that we can eliminate poverty through education for future generations. The cost of this program is $30 per month per child. Be part of this program and do participate to change the life of these poor students. For higher studies like medicine and engineering the sponsorship cost is little high with $80 per month.

You can make one time donation or can set up monthly recurring donation online at our website using safe and secure PayPal system. Please click on DONATE NOW and allow these kids to enable the best education and in return you will get rewards as it is a Sadaqahjariya.