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CFAT VTC first batch was completed and there was a graduation ceremoney program

December 15, 2015

Care for All trust and Rahbar Foundation is running CFAT VTC Kairana since last more than 6 months. This was the first batch of 40 ladies who completed the 6 months certification course. These ladies after completing the course have got enough skills to start their boutique business or a tailoring center at home or shop. They are well trained in designing new apparel in last 6 months. They are now capable to make casual dress, formal dress; summer dress, blouse, shirt, T-shirt. They are developed with confidence and other soft skills to manage their financials so as they can be part to help their families financially. Hope these ladies will add lot of values in their families on the top of being home makers. These skills will empower women to help in economics and will prosper the aspect of gender equality, gearing up development, access to education, health, economic opportunities, and voice within households and society.

The root of CFAT VTC is based on a simple and plain truth that “Empowering Women Is Smart Economics” and everything is design to strengthen that fact.

Our aim to start such training is as mentioned below and we feel humbled to see that goal is being fulfilled today for these 40 ladies.

1. Gearing up development
2. To diminish gender differences in household and societal voice
3. To limit gender inequality over time,
4. To broaden women’s access to economic opportunity,
5. To shrink education gaps over time.

We have already started the second batch of another 40 ladies for the same training course of 6 months. Soon we will be launching advance boutique course to provide them further professional training to deal with trousers, slacks, jeans, denims, shorts, uniform, work clothes, overalls, jacket, blazer, vest and special bridal cloths.

Very special thanks to teachers Tahira Shamsi, Shabnam and Saleem Ahmad for providing them training. Very special thanks to VTC Committee members Shadab Ansari VTC In charge, Abdul Aziz Ansari VTC Chief Mentor, Chaudhary Alam Ansari VTC Chief Advisor, Abrar Ansari iVTC Director and Mohammad Ashraf deputy director.

Very special thanks to Nawab Alam, Syed Rahbar, Mufti Athar Shamsi, Abdullah Rao, Dr Kashif, and Usman etc for organizing the event and making it successful.

Special thanks to supporters and guests M. S. Rana (Director Roorkee College of engineering), Yashpal Pawar (Director St RC School), Sanjeev Jain, Maulana Abid Nadvi, Maulana Tahir etc who attended today’s program and
supported us so far.

We sincerely wish all the best to these ladies who successfully completed their training. I hope these small efforts will bring positive change in the society.