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Food Packets for Hunger

December 24, 2015

During Ramadan, Muslims are encouraged to be more charitable as it is a month of earning good deeds. Fortunate people like all of us should take a step ahead and help the unfortunate who are struggling to earn the bread on daily basis to support their family. CFAT’s Ramadan Food Packets program offers an opportunity for many needy people around the globe who face food insecurity and hunger to be provided with a ‘Gift of Food Packet’, which ensures that their burden is eased at least during the month of Ramadan. Each distributed food packet contains an amount of basic food commodities for a family of 5 for the month of fasting. Each food packet is designed to consist of the most basic required dietary food materials, as suitable for the community.

The cost of each Food Packet is only $50

  • Rice 20kg
  • Wheat flour 10kg
  • ChanaDaal 2kg
  • MoongDaal 2kg
  • Plain Salt 800gm
  • Tea 800gm
  • Sugar 2kg
  • Cooking Oil 2ltr
  • Coriandar Powder 200gm
  • Turmeric Powder 100gm
  • Red Chilli Powder 200gm
  • Qarshi Jam-e-Shirin 1.5ltr
  • Gram Flour (Baisan) 2kg
  • Dates 500gm

CFAT selects the wide range of beneficiaries that include widows, orphans, destitute, aged, disabled, refugees and people affected by disasters, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, class, location, religion, color, cultural diversity and social background. Your continuous donations towards our food packets projects leave an impact long after a single meal has been enjoyed.

The food packets distribution encourage children to attend school, improve student`s health and nutrition, address gender inequalities, stimulate economic growth, stops child labor. When communities have a healthy supply of food, children are able to concentrate in class, adults are able to work and earn a living- and most importantly, everybody is safe from the danger of malnutrition and ill health. You are one step closer to doing a good deed.

The Prophet (saw) said: “Whoever feeds a fasting person will have a reward like that of the fasting person, without any reduction in his reward.” (AL TIRMIDHI) Please be generous and donate as much as you can.

Each Food Packet cost only $50, please don`t think and take action now and click on DONATE NOW to contribute your share.