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Widow Sponsorship

January 7, 2016

The majority of people living below poverty line are in the developing countries are widows and their children. The economic, cultural or social reality is such that men are the main breadwinners. If they die, women and children often struggle to survive and have to beg help from others or go out to work. Education, play and other childhood pursuits are a luxury these people cannot afford. The mother’s of these children need enough food to feed their family. The problems these widows face are enormous, both financially and emotionally. Often widow sends their young children out to work in the streets to earn money to support the family and as such the cycle of poverty continues.

Support a window with just $100 (IRs 6500) per month or any amount you wish!

Without a helping hand from generous donors like you, their destitution will impact on the lives of their children and their children’s children for generations. Please come forward and give them the hope and ability to go to school, reclaim their childhood and get out of the cycle of poverty. Please help Rahbar Foundation as it provides a widow with the sustainability she needs to rebuild her and her children’s lives, a caring and loving environment with hunger and disease. Help us rebuild their shattered lives with a safe home, food, clothing, medicine and an education.

Please support a widow and her family for just $100 per month or $1,200 for a year. You can set monthly recurring payments through PayPal on our website to make it easy for you or you can make an easy payment as your budget allows.


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