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Mobile Clinics

January 7, 2016

In developing countries health services have become a nightmare because of high cost involved as poor villagers can`t afford and the government hospitals also not reachable. The nearest hospital could be miles and miles away and some might even have to travel to other cities just to take tests at medical laboratories. Despite government efforts like opening public hospitals and even giving free medicine, many people have yet to experience the benefits of adequate health services. To supplement this situation, the private institutions and charitable organizations have started providing medical services to the villagers through mobile clinics.Rahbar Foundation in collaboration with local hospitals provides Mobile clinic services to the poor and needy people.

Bringing a Clinic to the doorstep of Poor!

Mobile Clinic is a basic medical clinic that we bring directly to the poor. Staffed not only by general practitioners, this clinic also provides patients with dental, OB/GYN, and paediatric care, as well as access to preventative tests and are equipped with a basic laboratory station to provide doctors in the field with instant results to guide their diagnosis and treatment.The advantage of mobile clinics is the ability to respond to emergency situations in a quick time. It will be a quicker and more effective response to epidemic outbreaks. It is also more extensive access to preventive care for patients who do not require hospitalization or specialist visits. Mobile clinic staff can meet the victims in their time of need. When there are two or more mobile units in an area, they can be connected together to form a whole hospital or a complete medical facility. This can be especially useful in cases of natural disasters, like when a village is ravaged by hurricane, earthquake, tsunami other kinds of calamity.

Ensuring Patient Follow-Ups!

Mobile Clinic participants have the opportunity to work closely with and learn from the doctors as they identify individuals in need of follow-up care.The patients who present serious symptoms are provided year-round follow-up care by our community health workers and field nurses. The follow-up services include accompanying patients along each step of the process, providing financial support for treatments, educating individuals about their illnesses, and connecting patients to other health care providers, among others.

Providing Preventive Education!

These mobile clinics not only provide health services also become modes of humanitarian vessels of charitable outreach. The medical mobile van will roam in entire village areas and provide medical facility also provide educational workshops focus on informing patients about common health problems, demonstrating important screening tests, and answering questions that concerned parents and family members may have. In this medical mobile van a doctor and nurse will also be available and they will prescribe the medicines and give treatment to the patients at the same place.

Donate Zakat and Sadaqah for Treatment with $50, $100 or Higher!

Mobile clinic services aim to provide free health care to the poor and needy, in collaboration with Volunteer Doctors and Nurses from hospitals and medical colleges. The expenses of the medicines are covered by the donations offered by the generous donors like you. The mobile medical service will directly give treatment to the patient wherever he/she is residing and this idea will be appreciated and welcomed by the people residing in rural areas. Please donate generously online at our website using safe and secure PayPal system with one time donation or monthly recurring donation. Please click on DONATE NOW to participate in providing health services which is a sadaqajariaya and you will get the reward lifelong.