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Medical Treatment Assistance

January 7, 2016

Nowadays the healthcare has become a nightmare for the poor as the hospital services cost is too high apart from the cost of surgeries and medications.The fruits of advanced and super specialty medical services are enjoyed by only rich people of the society where as a large mass of the society particularly living in slums and remote villages do not get the basic medical needs. They have to depend only on government hospitals which are not within the access to the remote villagers.Whenever a family is facing a financial hardship due to a serious medical situation they look for help from well-wishers and generous donors like you. The cost of surgeries and cancer therapy is too expensive and the poor people can`t afford.

Donate your Zakat and sadaqah for sponsoring the treatment of patients!

Rahbar Foundation support financially to the individuals for their medical treatment or they will refer to their partnered hospitals for free treatment and the expenses are taken care with your generous donations. Whenever request comes from the patient Rahbar Foundation make appeals case by case within the community and generate funds for the treatment. Sometime single donor sponsors all medical expenses for the treatment of the patient and sometimes collectively many donors share the treatment expenses. Usually we share all the details of the patient to the donor so that the donor should feel comfortable. Together we can bring the happiness and make them live longer. Please be generous and donate as much as you can to help these helpless poor patients. Please click on DONATE NOW to send your donations. You can donate one time or monthly recurring donation using safe and secure PayPal system at our website.