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Sponsor Medical Equipment

January 7, 2016

Medical treatment at private and corporate hospitals has become very expensive only rich people can afford the treatment at such hospitals. The poor people have to depend either on government hospitals or community hospitals or diagnostic center clinics. The government hospitals are very far and miles and mile away from the remote villages the only alternative is the community hospitals and clinics. Mostly these hospitals are run by non-profit organization to serve the poor people living either in villages or urban-slum areas. Rural community hospitals typically are much smaller than their urban and suburban counterparts and have only fever beds to accommodate patients. Rural community hospitals provide their patients with the highest quality of care while simultaneously tackling challenges due to their often remote geographic location, small size, limited workforce, and constrained financial resources. At rural hospitals’ low-patient volumes also make it difficult for them to maintain high standards unless they have sufficient financial support to overcome the expenses like salaries to the medical professionals, buying new medical equipment, furniture, arranging extra beds and maintaining ambulance services for emergencies.

Donate Zakat and Sadaqa to sponsor Medical Equipment for clinics!

CFAT financially support to these hospitals and diagnostic centers so that they can equip their hospitals with latest medical equipment. Please help us to help them develop and build health facilities in villages and urban-slums and serve the poor community. Please donate generously to give healthier, longer and stronger life to the unfortunate poor people.

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